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A Brief History of Baran Productions

Bob Baran, a Jazz studies major at the Indiana University School of Music opened his first recording studio in Bloomington, Indiana in 1979...Baran and Associates was born.

In the mid 1980’s a strategic move brought Baran and Associates (later renamed Baran Productions) to Helena, the capitol city of Montana. Baran Productions was the first world-class audio production facility in the Pacific Northwest to be located east of Seattle and north of Denver.

The demographic changes and evolving cultural diversification through the ensuing years has placed Baran Productions in the perfect position to “observe and comment” on the changing tastes of consumers as reflected through it’s creative Radio productions.

Our understanding of these changing circumstances and their impact on contemporary American life has always positioned our Clients to be the leading-edge in production values that generate profit.

The recent addition of our architecturally designed 21st century production facility “Sound Painter” represents four thousand square feet of purpose-built recording, editing and mastering rooms, including a 1200 sq. ft. dedicated digital sound stage, a graphic design studio, plus marketing and shipping departments all overlooking the stunning Elkhorn Mountain Range in Southwestern Montana.

Baran Productions ceased operations
and was officially closed down in 2009

An exciting new company, Bob Baran and Associates was also formed in 2009 to greatly expand our ability to serve the vastly different online and offline marketing needs of our 21st century clientele.


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