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Bob Baran and Associates is High Definition Audio

“SoundPainter” Our new audio/video production facility, is almost 4,000 square feet of pure inspiration! It was designed from the ground up to create a world-class acoustic and production environment rivaling anything in the world.

Our main acoustic room is a 1200 square foot digital sound stage with a 16 foot high ceiling, oak flooring and a stunning view of the surrounding valleys and mountains creating a synergy enhancing the sound of our Kawai RX6, 7 foot grand piano. "Sound Painter" is a perfect space to capture any acoustic instrument or vocal performance.

Sound Painter employs multiple fully independent digital audio workstations featuring unparalleled digital audio quality and creative production power. Including Pro Tools 9 with an all Apogee front-end...



Our Kawai RX6 7 foot grand piano      
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